Believe it or not, some people travel and forget or forego the essential protection that travel insurance provides.

Equally concerning is that many people who purchase travel insurance do so without consideration as to whether the policy will suit them properly. You see, depending on the reason you are travelling, and your health, not all policies are equal. You may end up finding out that the policy you took out will not cover you properly. For this reason, you should speak to us, to ensure the risk is reduced or eliminated with proper product positioning, and most importantly disclosing medical history to the insurer when required to ensure pre-existing conditions are disclosed.

The issue with pre-existing conditions are that even if you do not need treatment for a pre-ex condition while in hospital, the insurer may claim they would not have insured you if they knew about it, and the fact that they did not charge you a premium reflective of the extra risk associated with your health history. We can ensure we carefully screen your health and ensure we disclose these issues to the insurer that will ensure you are covered properly. You might need to pay a higher premium, but coverage that pays is key. You can end up bankrupt under adverse conditions while away.

Don't take risks when you travel

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