About Craig Ferguson

I am an independent insurance broker, licensed in Canada since 1988.

I strive to provide personal service that is meaningful for my clients, and look to protect in all areas that will detrimentally affect their cashflow.

Life insurance protects those left behind, and is needed to pay off debt and provide income.

Disability insurance is for you and your family to ensure that income is maintained when you are sick, or injured, and cannot work. There are two main forms: Monthly income replacement and lump sum payment with critical illness coverage. Both are valuable and together can serve to pay off debt and provide financial freedom when that freedom from worry is needed most.

It is my mandate to ensure your financial exposure in these areas is minimal.

About BenefitsOntario.com

BenefitsOntario.com is a website registered to Craig Ferguson, an independent Canadian life insurance broker serving most Canadian provinces.

The website is neither a trade name or registered business name.

The site is devoted to provide information and education on life insurance and related products.

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