We are brokers for the entire Canadian life insurance market, to ensure you are provided with the most cost-effective and appropriate options for your needs, based on health and budget.

Life insurance In Canada

Life insurance in Canada is offered through insurance brokers, working with the entire market and not bound to only one company. This ensures you get the best choice.


Replaces your income monthly when disabled by sickness or injury

Medical & Dental

Coverage for medical and dental needs


Innovative Life Insurance Solutions


Life insurance is an important component of a sound financial plan. It replaces a portion of income, helps pay off debt, and gives your family choices.

Disability comes in many flavours: Critical Illness that pays a lump-sum tax-free benefit, or monthly income over time in case of inability to earn an income. We can help you decide what you need.

Craig Ferguson has been an independent life insurance broker in Canada since 1988.


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Travel Insurance

We work with several travel insurance providers to ensure we find the right fit with minimal risk. You need to ensure pre-existing conditions are covered, so good advice is crucial.

Critical Illness 

Like life insurance, critical illness pays a lump sum tax-free benefit, but to YOU, not your beneficiary, in the event you are diagnosed with a life-threatening illness.

Insurance Services

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Health insurance

Medical and Dental expenses can be a nightmare. Let us help you cost-effectively find the right solution.

Critical Illness

Lump Sum tax-free cash when you need it most